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Today is Football v’s Thuggery……

On the 17th December 2008, if I didn’t before, I suddenly had the perfect reason to despise this northern football club, yep, you have guessed it, that was the day Blackburn Rovers appointed Fat Sam Allardyce as their manager. Mind you, I didn’t like them much under Mark Hughes either. :)

Sam Allardyce is just one of many managers who likes to get his side ‘up for a game’ by fair or foul means, usually against us its the latter. He loves to ‘get in our faces’ and has often commented on how we don’t like it when clubs play that way.

Surprise surprise, we have failed to keep a clean sheet in our last 10 away matches in all competitions, but what do you expect with our goal keepers! Blackburn have lost only one of their last 11 Premier League matches at Ewood Park and only four in 31 home games under Allardyce. Today, things have to change….

59% of the goals Blackburn scored in 2009-10 came from set pieces, so I hope Arsene Wenger has a plan to stop this percentage rising today. This for me is where we can dominate the game, Blackburn have the lowest pass completion rate in the Premier League this season (56%), whilst we have the highest (87%). We need to get in their faces, chase every ball down and put their passing under pressure from the start. Do that and we will out play them and along the way give ourselves goal scoring opportunities that we must put away – and we will……

This is the Blackburn squad that played in their last league fixture,  a 2-1 defeat to Birmingham

Paul Robinson
Michel Salgado
Ryan Nelsen
Martin Olsson
Christopher Samba
Phil Jones
Gael Givet
Morten Gamst Pedersen
Steven N’Zonzi
El-Hadji Diouf
Nikola Kalinic


Mark Bunn
Lars Jacobsen
Josh Morris
Brett Emerton
Alan Judge
Mame Biram Diouf
David Hoilett

On paper we should batter any team that plays out of that squad and if Wenger gets it right, we will!

They don’t have a Theo Walcott, they don’t have a Tomas Rosicky, they certainly don’t have a playmaker like we have in Arshavin do they? What they also lack is a striker like Chamakh, who has got his first goal in the Premiership and now must be desperate for his second, third and even fourth.

No, we have class on our side, what do they have??

Shoot on sight has to be the order of the day, Robinson blows hot and cold in goal, if we get a nice early goal that could rock his confidence then many more could follow…

Six last week, let’s get seven this week :)

Ramsey, Frimpong and Nasri are all still out and I can see Cesc and Robin being on the bench again. In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he plays the same side that faced Blackpool. The new boy has gone home to collect his boots and will be ready after the International break..

Samba is one of their better players and on set pieces he will be dangerous but Kos has said he’s up for a bit of physical stuff, good job, today he will be against one of the most physical and cheating team in the EPL….

Survive and win this battle Kos and you’ll straight away be on the path to become a hero…. Do it again when we play the Spuds and trust me, you’ll be a fully fledged hero ;)

In fact if our club, The Mighty Arsenal come away from Blackburn today with three points and a very strong display, every other thug of a club will need to sit down and re-think their tactics as finally they will realise that we are no longer a team to be beaten by ‘getting in our faces’…..

If I had to choose the team for today it would be this one

Sagna Kos TV Clichy
Wilshere Song Rosicky
Theo Chamakh

If Cesc is fit and ready to go I would swap him with Wilshere, van Persie doesn’t need to risked….

Today MUST be a day where Football conquers thuggery….. and I fully expect it to do so…..

Don’t forget, it’s a 12.45 kick off today and its live on Sky Sports 2

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123 comments on “Today is Football v’s Thuggery……

  1. Morning all, nice early one :)

    Well, not so nice being woken up before 6am on a Saturday morning :(

  2. morning rsd, i would, wenger won’t but i would ;)

    just think he is better at crosses than almunia…

  3. rsd, sorry i missed you last night, i kind of go off about 6pm as it goes really quite, if HH gets onto newsnow that will change hopefully, mind you lord only knows how long NN take and what makes them say yes or no…

  4. Morning Rico,RSD, and any anybody else who loves me,

    I see fat Sam and old red nose are ganging-up again… like a couple of fat-old bullies in the school playground.

    Red nose says he won’t stoop to Arsene Wenger’s level, on the Scholes comments, so from that we have to assume that his back’s playing him up again; cos he never had a problem making unjustified and scurrilous comments before.

    I just get the feeling that old red nose has lost whatever it was that made him so competitive; that old sparkle’s gone; although the jibe about his star purchase not being good enough for the reserves obviously stung a bit.

    As for fat Sam; his only judgement of character and ability seems to be whether you’re slim enough to climb into the bottle with him and old red nose… wouldn’t have thought there was a lot of room.

    As for the keepers, I see Schwarzer has said he’ll go on a freebie next year if they don’t let him go now… poor old Sparky; it couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

    Fingers crossed Almunia can actually catch a ball this afternoon :lol:

  5. should only take a month rico depends if they think you different enough have you applied

  6. hi mike, two fatties together ;)

    i just think wenger has said about the game today as its the same one who gaffed big time at stoke last weekend…

    i still think shwarzer is joining us, don’t agree with the way he is going about ‘not playing’ but like you say, couldn’t happen to a nicer fella in Hughes :)

  7. application is in rsd, whether i filled it in right is a different matter ;)

  8. i’ll send you nicks email if you like to hurry things along given up on the name.

    didn’t aw hint at RvP and cesc starting?

  9. fergie and fat sam i meant mike, not you and me ;) ;)

  10. RSD,

    I think Rico went back to bed :lol:

  11. Rico,

    I stand corrected on the back to bed thing :lol:

  12. That would be fab, thanks rsd – the name HH is staying, was just trying to sort out a proper domain rather than one with my name in it, wordpress are trying to help…

    i hope rvp doesn’t start, well, unless he is 100% fit and rested after WC, this is just the kind of game where he could pick up another injury…

    shame for Rafa last night, nice to see an arsenal old boy beat an old dipper :)

  13. mike, wish i could but the two four legged ones are very demanding once awake :)

  14. have you going with twitter

  15. well rsd, HH is on there, as for me getting arond the site, absolutely dreadful…. FB isnt much better either really. i just post the link each day and don’t know what to do next :lol: :lol:

  16. Fulham are to make a second bid for Given…

    Who would be better for us, Given or Schwarzer..??

  17. its great source of info twitter if you following the right people all the journo’s tweet what gona be in the papers and on nn before they write it up. fb is just for fam really any luck changing the site address.

  18. so best i just follow those who you and Erick follow on twitter then rsd :) re the address, a wordpress tecci is looking to see what domain name is available. hopefully get there in the end..

  19. depends who you like to read really for insider arsenal new @darrenarsenal1 is always good and @younggunsblog

    dont think aw will ever sign given he had trails with us a aw and bob judge him to have not good enough movement for a small keeper

  20. sad news aboout bendtner ay

  21. whats happened with nikki???

  22. more than just his groin injury rsd??

  23. groin injury looks like it will keep him out for whole season according to Denmark’s coach Morten Olsen. apparently he’s gona sue his previous physio

  24. thats grim for him, and for us, next will see robin get injured and we are back to having a weak squad… good job a few of the reserves are scoring…

  25. Guys,

    Got to pop out for a bit, back before KO….

  26. RSD,

    I tried to comment on your site, but can’t understand the method of being accepted.

    Can you advise me?

  27. Morning Rico, another rip roaring post. :-)

    MikeB, what was the purpose in inserting “else” in your comment at 9:05? Just curious? :-)

  28. RA,

    just trying to make you jealous… I know how infatuated you are :lol:

    As an aside… I was looking back on some of the later posts from yesterday… thought some of them were great,especially the jokes, and exactly the sort of friendly spirit HH and Rico are gonna need to make it to the top. Thought yesterday was a good day.

  29. Bye folks… it,s getting to that time…

    talk later; hopefully gloat later.

  30. Hi guys r u looking 4ward 4 the rugby game :D as I am.
    Would like to kick fat Sam fat ass.
    Agreed with Rico on the starting positions except would prefer Gibbs instead of Clichy and maybe Diaby instead of Jack(thou he makes tackles).

  31. Morning all, sorry make that afternoon…! Lets hope whoever is in goal catches the ball and commands the box as thats paramount to us winning today if not we’re in the poo……….

    Great post Rico, catch ya after the game.

  32. Hi Stef and WATH,

    I am rushing to get back before the game, so see you all later. :-)

  33. RA if you use open id you can pick what ever name you want
    if you cant do it no wonder i aint getting comments

  34. ask me on twitter or here anyway? @thersd

  35. Hello all, back in the nick of time, busy bloomin shops!!

    I’m going for an away win but we will concede ;)

    Hi RA, Stef and WATH, enjoy the game all, see you at H/T

  36. Bollards, great start, great goal by Theo….

    Kos needs to gain a bit of pace me thinks…

    So we did sign a keeper, that sure as heck isn’t Almunia in goal ;)

  37. Who said we shouldn’t risk van Persie??????

  38. And can you believe we have draw the Spuds away in the Carling Cup….

  39. Hi Rico
    we need more shots at goal and more passes 2wards Arshavin and Theo, if we do that we can score more goals then they do.

    Spuds really need 2 check that…

  40. Hi Stef

    Agree re the shooting, Chamakh might just start doing that now, AA has lined himself up a couple of times but BB are closing down quickly…


    Well, that makes the next two weeks easier to put up with :P

  42. Thats a bloody good win that is. . . . . Bit squeeky bum time but we held on and really should of scored a third and put the game to bed earlier…!

  43. Hola, rico. Not quite seven goals, but it’ll do… ;)

    To be fair, Blackburn did a good job pegging Arsenal back in the first half… Of course, I’m only being fair because victory makes magnanimity easy. :)

  44. fat Sam has fallen :D:P

    great job gunners need 2 work on defense but great second half we dominated the game…

    2 bad 4 Jack I thought he had it.

  45. Hi WATH and agag…

    The result is fantastic, towards the end i had my hands over my eyes in fear they would nab an equaliser but to go there, come home with three points is very very special….

    And today, I think we got in their faces…

    Take that Fat Sam!!

  46. Stef, would have loved to see Jack make it three, he slipped on the wet grass, dirty tricks by fat sam….

    Goal a game Theo, that will do me…

    Even thought Diaby had a good game up until 70mins, then it was clear he was tiring as that was when his passing went astray, wenger needs to work on his subs…

  47. Theo was dangerous today again Rico so too Arshavin he makes the game look so easy with the 1 and 2 touch. . . . Cesc looked off the pace and passing a little rusty as well and agree with Diaby played ok just overdoes it far to much instead of keeping the tempo going…..

  48. Rico, imho he need it 2 put Vela on 4 Arsh and Jack on 4 Diaby that would of make a difference in the last third (sort of speak).

    Great 2 c agag is back I thought I scared her of with the Gaga nick LOL :D

  49. Theo is playing really well, unlucky not to get his second, agree re Cesc, hope its just fitness and not lack of interest, time will tell…

    I payed special attention to AA WATH and I thought he was a little magician, he tracked back today aswell ;)

    Song was again outstanding without shining if that makes sense, so many times he just snuffed them out in the middle…

    Can you all tell, I bloody happy :)

  50. Stef, not sure I would have bought jack on, only because it was getting to the nervous ending…

  51. Hi Guys and Gals,

    I am a very happy bunny!! :D

    Agree with what you all say. Diably is so talented but runs out of puff and then looks silly. AA looks out of it but can be absolutely brill.

    Big Al looked fine to me too Rico. perhaps he is Seaman in disguise!

    Got to be picky. :-( Clichy does not have a clue when defending. He twice looked at Diouf when Blackbum were attacking and then let him run around him to score. Gormless! :-( Bring on Gibbsy. :-)

  52. Diaby was great in def. 2day didn’t look good in attack thou, well that’s it gunners we rapped it up with an away win against Sam after 8 years we couldn’t say our team played bad.

  53. Agreed with u RA Gibbs look the better option at this moment wonder y AW doesn’t bring him on.

  54. Diaby let Samba jog past him who then passed it wide for their goal………….. Poor defending from up the pitch then poor defending at the back for their goal so lessons still to learn…………! Still chuffed to beat that northern fat snarling horrible pig…!

  55. Hello, Stef. I’m not sure I understand what you mean :) The only ‘nick’ that concerns me is the one nursing some groin injury. ;)

    AA was fantastic today, rico. :) I had my eye on Song throughout. Must be the new coiff… What on earth??? I have nothing bad to say about Abou.

    Easy on Clichy, RA. Hello!

  56. Thought Kos was a tad slow gback tracking before their goal too…

    Hi RA, trouble is, Diaby is so often very poor, when he puts in a reasonable performance its a bit of a shock and he looks good… ;)

    For a guy his size and as athletic as he looks he can still improve…. a lot ;)

  57. agag, what a bonce on Song, i think he must have fallen asleep on his sunbed, he looks like the sun has bleached his hair… ;)

  58. Still don’t believe Wenger isn’t going to buy another player on two before the window shuts….

  59. agag, In the nick of time he saves the day :D

    c ya guys n gals l8r have a gr8 day

  60. alright not a bad result at all

  61. See ya Stef, soon I hope….

    good one rsd, just what we needed…

  62. last season none of the top four went there and won makes up for the draw at anfield

  63. Bet Fat Sam isn’t so keen on the after match drink with Wenger now.

    Bye, Stef. Hello, RSD.

  64. had to take the kids to a party after arshavins goal so dont know how was the second hhalf went how was fat sam pissed i guess you heard his post match yet he said
    “We were opening them up all the way through first half but kept being offside”
    it called an offside trap prick
    chels goal up lamps missed pen again

  65. :lol: agag, i bet arsene’s up for a little glass of red though ;)

  66. Howdy people

  67. rsd :lol: love the fat sam bit about offside…. i laughed when i heard his i/v, he is gross!

  68. Yo Erick, you made it on – hoorah :)

  69. Yap Rico busy day bt managed to catch the game was is tense or what put the boys did us proud RVP is being reported is out for 10 days

  70. lol, rsd. Fat Sam should just keep it zipped. He is revolting, rico. Oh and Song’s new ‘do is as bad as Nikki’s pink boots.

    Hello, Erick? Done with exams?? Aced them all?

  71. agag, we didn’t see you yesterday and thought we had upset both you and oliver with a few naughty jokes ;)

    Blame RA and WATH… ;)

  72. Not yet Agag until next saturday How is work missed you a few times hope all is great

  73. RSD,

    If you are still there.

    Just tried to get into your site to comment and was told “Illegal characters in URL”.

    Have you tried to get in yourself, via the comment box?

  74. thought we had signed Abel Xavier

  75. Hi Erick, :-)

    Hi Agag, :-)

    Hope you are both O.K. Great result today. :-)

    What is it about Fat Sam, he looks like 3 blokes are in his skin trying to get out! :-(

  76. I’m not that prissy, rico. ;) I got home late-ish, and no one was on when I checked. :) :)

  77. Agag,

    That naughty Rico told us to tell jokes!

    WATH was the ringleader, obviously! :-)

  78. Fine RA Theo is on top of his game :-)

  79. @ra

    you are illegal
    seems to be working fine use name and url option

  80. can sign in via your wordpress account 2

  81. rsd, you are on good form re song :)

    agag, i din’t think you were really ;) but blame RA, he was encouraging us all :)

    yesterday two of my old blog friends for a couple of years ago found HH and where we used to blog, Le Grove, Friday was joke day, we got a tad nostelgic….

  82. Ahhhhh, see I told you all theo would come good, just watch him fly now ;)

  83. Erick, just imagine, in a week’s time, you can have all the spiked shakies you can down!

    RA, I don’t expect anything less from you. You were right in your element. :)

  84. malouda goals was good finish
    spurs are struggling at home v wigan hhahahaha

  85. nighty night guys
    btw RSD, love the avatar.

    c ya 2morrow I hope some1’s here

  86. oh you can see the goalhighlights on the site if you want

  87. Stef, trust me, someone will be here every day from now on :)

    6pm Uk time onwards it may go quiet but hopefully that will change with time, we’ve only been up and running a few days :)

  88. rsd, stick your link up here so people can just copy and paste…

  89. rico, keep your fingers crossed that Theo isn’t injured though, I remember last season he got a rib and side strain… What kind of silly injury is that?

    What a goal that would have been from Whelan…

  90. cant they just click on my name

  91. Agag you and Wath are plotting something :-)

  92. crying thats so funny RT @darylbooth: finally managed 2 recall who Song looks like now his hair has been
    “anti-grecian 500″


  93. lol spurs one down to wigan lol

  94. Spuds hit by Wigan

  95. agag, don’t tempt fate ;)

    He’d been playing silly devils though last season, under 21’s and the big boys i think? :( that’s what did him in, this season he has rested properly during the summer so fingers crossed…

  96. Erick, honest? whats the score

  97. :oops: sorry, didn’t see rsd’s comment

  98. Stoke are crap 2 nil to Chavs :-)

  99. The chavs struggled though, Erick; and Lamps was woeful. Oh and Terry is injured. :) :)

  100. Terry injured – snigger snigger snigger :)

  101. Erick/rsd, you been busy on twitter… ;) ;)

  102. Rico,

    Red Arse is innocent! K.O.?

    Agag, I think someone took over my Wi Fi and framed me. Didn’t you Rico dico? :-)

    Did you say you used Firefox Mozilla? I have been playing with it today, but don’t have a clue what I’m doing! :-)

  103. Old Twitchy did not look happy! 0:1 at home, tsk tsk!

    (covers sneaky grin with foot). — no I mean hand, I’m not a monkey …. whatever did you think? :-)

  104. Yap Rico as RSD said you get great news instantly when you follow top gooner guys get a twitter account

  105. Oh, poor tots… CL pedigree? Ha. I do enjoy seeing the spuddies fried.

  106. Rico,

    Have you gone walk about again?

    Don’t think I did not notice your team predictions had 4 wrong, but that’s just between me and you! :D:

  107. Nah, still here, just doing the report for tomorrow…

  108. Erick, I pressed the tweet button for all the ones you two had, hopefully i’ll get used to it ;) Is there an idiots guide to twitter somewhere ;)

  109. Rico,

    I googled newsnow advice for you and fond a site that gives such advice under;

    http://footballmedia.com/get your football news website listed in newsnow.

    It has links to help with filling out the application blah, blah. You probably have it all in hand, but I’m trying to curry favour by showing I think about you. :-)

    Oh, and they say the quality of your site posts etc has an effect on their decision as to whether to reject you or not. I had better disappear for a while in that case, and you need a Post from Agag in her third language, English. ;)

  110. Hello, come in space station Rico ….. is there anyone out there?

    Am I floating thru a universe all on my own?

    If so, by definition I rule the Universe, and I command all my subjects to talk to me ….. let it be so!!!! :-)

  111. RA, level with me here, how many pink drinks with paper parasol have you had?

  112. RA, i am here, thanks heeps for the link, i will go and investigate :)

  113. agag, thats real funny :lol:

  114. RA, that link is fab, if i get rejected i will go through it with a fine tooth comb, thank you again..

  115. I know better than to take on 2 women!

    Only 2 glasses of Chateau Neuf du Pape. (one is enough to make me anyone’s tho’).

    better say g’nite girls!

    g’nite girls! ;)

  116. Night then RA, first match report for me tomorrow…. :(

  117. I am offski for the day, I bid you all a very good night…

    Stay safe and hope to see you all tomorrow :)

    Nighty night

  118. Bottoms up, RA. Nite. :) I’m going out in a bit, too, and of all times to be feeling sleepy, it has to be a night when I can actually go out and get GG’d. :(

    Til, tomorrow, rico. You keep it going!! I hope Robin’s injury isn’t very serious; it wouldn’t do to not have him around. He give us that extra sumpin sumpin. :)

  119. Have a good un agag :)

  120. Morning all

    New Post

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