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Just who is the new boy? Tomas agrees with me…..

Well, his name is Sébastien Squillaci, born in Toulon, France on the 11th August 1980. He’s 6′ 1″ short and is a centre back – he was at Seville but now it looks like he will be on duty alongside Vermaelen, Koscielny or maybe even A.N. Other.

His previous clubs have been Toulon, Monaco, Ajaccio, Lyon and of course Seville.

Internationally, he has played just twenty matches for France but that doesn’t make him a bad player does it, just look at what has been going on in the French squad for the last few years :)

He began his playing days for a local club, Sporting Toulon before making the big move to AS Monaco, unable to get into the side on a regular basis he dropped down a division and went on loan to AS Ajaccio where he shone.

A change of manager at Monaco saw Squillaci get his chance, Deschamps played him as first choice Centre Half and he helped Monaco finish 2nd in the league and winners of the Coupe de la Ligue (French for Carling Cup I think)!!

Squillaci then made his mark in Europe, Monaco had a great run in the Champions League in 2004 but just like us in 2006 his side were beaten in the final, for Monaco though, Jose Moanrinho’s Porto side were their nemesis. Along the way Monaco knocked out Real Madrid and the Chavs.

Monaco and Deschamps parted company and it wasn’t long before Squillaci left aswell, in 2006 he joined Olympique Lyonnais.It was here he formed a formidable defensive partnership with Brazilian defender, Cris. Lyon would go on to dominate the season winning the league by an unprecedented 18 points.

In the summer of 2008, our new boy was on the move again, this time to Sevilla, he cost £6M back then and we have paid £5M – cripes, he holds his value better than any car I’ve ever owned and sold…

All in all I think Wenger has signed a half decent CH, will he be first choice to play alongside TV or will he be competing with Djourou for the 3rd place? He’s won a few trophies and league titles so he’s got the qualifications we so desperately cried out for before the transfer window opened.

Maybe Wenger will surprise all against Blackburn, play the two newbies together with TV and Song in front of them, then let the rest of the team attack Blackburn like they don’t know whats hit them??

Now then Arsene, you know you have said you want to buy more, so go sort us a goalkeeper,  another centre half and an ageing  defensive midfielder, then none of us will mind if you follow that with an ageing defensive midfielder, or any other bizarre kind of signing :)

Here he is in action, the music is shocking though ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnvbpG_N9rw -

Tomas Rosicky has this to say about Theo and those who continue to critisise him…..

I just hope he doesn’t play football to answer his critics.  I think the best way is to go out and enjoy his football and this is always what has worked for me and I hope he will be like this as well. 

I don’t think he is playing football to answer some critics. Let’s go out and enjoy the game. I think he enjoyed it on Saturday!

Well said Tomas Rosicky………

Have a great day all….

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198 comments on “Just who is the new boy? Tomas agrees with me…..

  1. Morning all :)

  2. Well said Ian Wright….

    PICTURE the scene. Theo Walcott has just scored a brilliant hat-trick to help Arsenal thrash Blackpool 6-0 at the Emirates.
    He settles down to watch the highlights on Match of the Day, looking forward to seeing it all over again.

    But then he gets slaughtered by Alan Hansen. Totally and unnecessarily insulted.

    He’s told he cannot cross. How he cannot do this, isn’t very good at that – and how, when he thinks too much, there are problems.

    For me, that’s Hansen basically saying the lad is thick – which is insulting and very, very wrong.

    I bet Theo, 21, was staring at the TV thinking ‘what the hell can I do to get people off my back?’

    Now, I know Hansen has a job to do. But he went way over the top. It was harsh, it was unnecessary and it was bang out of order.

    I’m not saying Theo should be immune to any criticism. He will agree his crossing needs to be worked on.

    But please, give the guy a break. This is a young English player learning his trade and striving to get better. Yet here we have a bloke like Hansen criticising just for the sake of it.

    I used to sit there thinking ‘I cannot do this, it’s too negative.’ Why didn’t Hansen focus on the positives? The great finishing, the movement, the pace?

    He wouldn’t have been able to cope with Theo if he was still playing, that’s for sure.

    Hansen was a reader of the game. More like Rio Ferdinand than John Terry. He would be less involved, not get stuck into the more rough and tumble stuff.

    Theo’s pace would have done him up like a kipper.

  3. Morning Rico nice post TV playing infront of the defence :-) :-) :-)

  4. Morning Erick,

    Wouldn’t it be a solid defence, TV is quick enough to get forward and back, almost like Paddy used to, we’d rip Blackburn to shreds :)

  5. Morning folks,
    Micky Thomas’s pace did him up like a kipper at Anfield on that fateful night… Hansen was a yard short as MT started his run… that’s why mentioning Arsenal and pace anywhere within five counties of Hansen gets this sort of hysterical reaction.

    He relives that moment every night… you have to feel for him. :lol:

  6. Rico how I wish :-) Morning Mike B

  7. Morning Erick,
    did somebody tell me you were in the middle of exams at the moment?

  8. True mate but can’t help it got to check out on how the Arsenal is doing

  9. Erick,
    Arsenal is just a microcosm of the university of life, you’ll get a far more rounded education on this site anyway :lol:

  10. Morning mike

    Hansen is a numpty… :)

  11. This will make you laugh….

    Today it is dustbin day for me, woke up to find that some idiot has pinched my dustbin!!

    They are very lucky as its full of little bags which our two dogs fill each day… Oh I so hope the idiots jumped in it for a ride, they must stink!!! :)

  12. Morning Rico,

    I know Squillions refused to play for Seville, but that was obviously to prevent being cup-tied, but has it occurred to you how differently Cesc treated the contemptible Barca tactics compared to Mash-yer-own last night? If I were Hodgson, he’d be on the bench for the rest of his contract.

  13. mike,

    credit where credit is due with cesc, he remained quiet through all of the speculation and its only now i see why – and since his return he has been spot on with his attitude – you are absolutely right…

    hodgson made me smile in his i/v – he said that the barca offer was way apart from the valuation of the player and if mash is unhappy, he will be unhappy for a long long time if barca to make the right offer….

  14. Hi Rico,

    serves em right, I say… I once had a car stolen on Hammersmith Broadway… they dumped it on Fulham Palace Road (a distance of about two hundred yards). When the cops contacted me, the second question the young woman asked was,… er, did you know your car had no brakes? Get yer own back time.

  15. Cracking mike, pay back time indeed :)

  16. Rico,

    Say what you like about Hodgson… he does things the right way, but Liverpool without a decent DM are a push-over.

  17. i like him, he’s a real gent and a pro in the management game, doesn’t get involved in other clubs buisness and just gets on with his own job…

    i wish he had stayed with fulham, only because i dislike the dippers in a huge way….

  18. Mike :-) am ready to learn mate We should have beat liverpool they were too average we need to play up the league will be tough

  19. My son-in-law supports Liverpool… maybe that’s why we don’t speak.

    Come to think of it, that’s why I didn’t go to the wedding.

    I’d still take them over Manure and the Spuds and day. :lol:

  20. Sry Folks, gotta go… taking the wife shopping and out for lunch…

    It’s what I live for :lol:

    Have a good day

  21. What I like about Hodgson is he tell it like it his unlike you know who :-)

  22. mike, i cant stand all three of those ;)

  23. Now who could you be referring to Erick ;)

  24. Have a good day mike, catch you soon…

  25. Squilli had his medical yesterday which we believe he passed, how long does it take for wenger to tell the world??

    now for one more ch, a keeper and midfielder….

  26. Rico if we fail to get MS he will be our final signing Aw is just following MS to please fans believe me he doesn’t think its a position that needs an addittion

  27. Erick, now for once I have to disagree with you, MS I am sure will sign and either Caini or Juan will be signed by the end of the window…

    If not MS, it will be another keeper :)

  28. Rico MS might sign but another CH that I can bet I won’t happen believe me

  29. Rico if we don’t sign MS we won’t be going for another Gk hope am wrong

  30. Hi Rico, Erick, MikeB, morning to you all.

    Really good in depth analysis of Squidgy, Rico.

    It is puzzling why there has been no official announcement. As I mentioned yesterday, it was rumoured Seville were trying to up the transfer fee at the last moment, which brought Arsene’s riposte that he was still looking for another CB.

    Let’s see what today brings! :-)

  31. Erick, I am staying positive :) :)

  32. Morning RA, thanks

    Seville announced that the fee had been agreed which is why i doubted the stuff about them trying to up it..

    Also, I don’t think he would have flown in for a medical if they were still squabbling over money ;)

  33. Rico, Erick,

    I think the problem with completing the signing of Schwozzer is that he has a back injury and they are notoriously difficult to shake off.

    Winkie Wenger won’t want (do you notice the alliteration?) to buy a pig in a poke. :-)

  34. Morning all…………….. Rico I still want another keeper and another centre half once Squillaci is confirmed…!

  35. Erick,

    In case you did not see my message yesterday.

    Kufanya vizuri katikamitihani yako, rafiki yangu! :-)

  36. Morning WATH,

    If we don’t get Schwozzer because of his back problem, he allegedly failed one medical, I think we will go for Scheklenhamburger.

    The dye is cast for Big Al, he is a gonner!

  37. Morning WATH, Same for me, we would be a force to be reckoned with then… A great defensive unit and the rest can play fantasy football for fun :)

  38. The waiter looked one very miserable man as he came off the pitch saturday RA he was the only one without a smile on his face…!

    Stekellenburg is at least a big lump….!

  39. That failed medical story was withdrawn very soon after it went on NN, either is bull or someone is in deep do do…. ;)

  40. Morning RA, Wath thanks RA i saw it thanks again your swahili is great just a little of sharpening will do

  41. If the defence and keeper is sorted then the rest can compete…………! Spot on Rico.

  42. I would prefer Stekelleburg, 6’5″ lump, awesome in the WC :)

  43. Isnt that guy cup tied ?

  44. He is cup-tied for the CL, Erick, but we would have Flappy or Chesney maybe?

  45. he’d be ok for the ko stages though wouldn’t he?

  46. See you all later.

    Got to go and finish some work. I have been v. naughty with my deadlines lately! :-)

  47. RA deadline day is next tuesday :-)

  48. Rico,

    Actually, Scheklenwozzit played in the qualifying round so maybe he wouldn’t be cup tied in the CL proper.

    I’m not sure now I come to think of it.


  49. :lol: WATH, that’s the msot important one…

  50. Wath you Sailor so what have you been up to after SA

  51. Rico B52 out for 6 weeks or more

  52. Erick, he’s just sacked footballs version of Cesar Milan :lol:

  53. Hey Erick, I been catching up with a bit of work that’s about all nothing much mate…! of course following the goings on at our club..!

  54. And now everyone has gone off for a snooze it seems……..

  55. Just me and you it seems, right who’s round is it then……….. ;-)

  56. Glass of Liebfraumilch please ;)

  57. oooh, bottle for me please

  58. Lansbury is off on loan to Swansea….

  59. Trust you 4pigs :lol: lidil’s ???

  60. Rico…. you out looking for your bin! lol

  61. :lol: No 4pigs, its prob miles away by now, got a new one coming…. On the bright side, saves me dragging it back off the road :)

  62. Sky make me laugh……

    Big Build up to Breaking News…. Drumroll…

    Expecting a big story of some kind they report that Macherano is at Liverpools training ground, er, isn’t he a ‘pool player…. shouldn’t he be at the training ground….

  63. morning rico, ra, et. al…so that is squidward q. tentacles onboard then. still need at least a gk, hopefully that will come soon. who cares what alan hansen says? kinda like chris waddle – their “opinions” mean nothing to me. nor should they mean anything to theo…

  64. 4P is off to lidl’s for a nice expensive bottle of red for 99p and then off to try get some fresh straw for the kitchen floor…………. Oh I’m such a poet…!

    Ur round Rico you went missing and I don’t do kraut rubbish…! :P

  65. hi oliver, all hansen has done is show his true colours, the man is a buffoon….

  66. he and waddle will take turns slaughtering theo no matter what he does this season. let them, and just ignore them.

  67. Hansen is stuck in a 1989 timewarp about the time MT whizzed past him lol………….

    These pundits have to stir shit to keep their jobs to make out they have an opinion that ppl share just cos they contraversial……..

    Best way is Theo to listen to AW and thats it….

  68. :lol: WATH, its the only naff one i could think of, i remember everyone used to drink that and black tower when i was a kid…. yuck!!

    I like the French myself as long as its a 1 or 2 :)

  69. oliver, a bitter spud and a bitter dipper, theo will have the last laugh and without listening to the dross that comes out from some of the pundits….

  70. speaking of which, hansen would have done better to air his opinions on his team’s listless, ineffective performance at eastlands last night…

  71. A 1 or 2 is that bottles of Rico :P

  72. spot on oliver :)

    oh, and spot on WATH :)

  73. Oliver it’s amazing how the dipper hansen never has a bad word to say about the dippers full stop always full of excuses…! sad man.

  74. i am actually looking forward to saturday morning. after may’s trip to ewood, this is an opportunity to bring a stronger (and hopefully tougher) side, and give some to fat sam. winning there makes an early-season statement of intent. racking the score up there…well, nobody deserves that more than fat sam!

  75. hi w.a.t.h, hansen knows who made him, so he will pretend he does not notice what happened last night.

    ian wrightwrightwright can grate on my nerves as much as anyone – as did while wearing our number eight – but at least he is not afraid to criticze arsenal.

  76. Very true Oliver Wrighty even goes the other way to slag us off…………. Least thats better than a bias dick like hansen. Oh well not wasting my finger writing about that knob.

  77. Oliver, Yaaay, you found the lovely Rico’s site!!

    Good to see you, I have missed your footie input, as well as our MLB chat! :-)

    WATH, I am always amused by your erudite comments. They are pithy and to the point.

    (I have got to admit, some peeps take the piddle out of my vocab, but I can’t change at this stage of my life) ;)

  78. RA, like to try keep things simple and to the point :-)

  79. morning ra…

  80. WATH,

    Speaking of fingers, did you know that Hanson was, allegedly, so unpopular as a kid that when he was kidnapped and the kidnappers sent his father a piece of his finger, he demanded they send him more proof. :-)

  81. WATH,

    I did not mean simple necessarily, but knowledgeable!! :-)

  82. RA, you do come out with some funny stories ;)

  83. Talking of old has beens, George Graham has said he can’t believe we let Gallas go so easily…..

  84. rico, i think that is a re-hash – i remember seeing something to that effect from graham last week.

    we let billy gallas go because a) he did not want to re-sign. it’s not like we can force him to re-sign, can we? and b) he is not worth the trouble. established lousy team-mate with an exaggerated sense of entitlement (everyone should kiss my — up, down, and sideways because i am william gallas), who can no longer stay fit for an entire season.

    if gg cannot understand that, that is his (george) problem…

  85. just makes me laugh that some people need to voice their opinion oliver – i’m not sorry he’s gone, i honestly believe his attitude went somewhere to breaking down our defensive unit…

    whats more funny is that spuds are paying him less than we offered and on a one year contract…

    smacks the sign of a desperate signing…. silly willy, eh ;)

  86. desperation on the part of gallas i mean…..

  87. i think he is also motivated a bit by spite – perhaps he sses this as an opportunity to “get back” at both us and chelsea. let us not forget that he completely burnt his (stamford) bridges before he joined us, and is widely reviled amongst their meagre support…

    some will undoubtedly disagree with me, but i see him as a dressing room cancer and simply no longer worth the trouble for arsenal. if ra is reading, i’ll (slightly) liken gallas to ollie perez.

  88. Oliver,

    You have obviously missed us too. Your writing has clearly got a bit more pzazz! :-)

    You are right, now you mention it, Ollie Perez does spring to mind. Same overweening personality, that is to say presumptuously conceited and brash. :-(

  89. i am with you re gallas oliver, as good as a defender he is, the bad side of his character is quite damaging to any squad – no doubt ‘arry will soon find that out too….

  90. Did you notice that our Henry (Lansbury) is to go to Swansea on Loan?

    Could be the making of him. They will want him to demonstrate not just his undoubted ability, skills wise, but leadership too.

    Interesting, if it comes off.

  91. Seems to me Gallas was a bit of an arse very arrogant and selfish BUT the one thing is he hated to lose and there is nothing wrong with that and that side of him just didnt fit in with a few of our petals….!.

  92. He took it too far though WATH, that childish performance in the brum game was shocking… and as for talking to the paps….

  93. Rico, I wonder if Arsene will put Squidgy, the octopus, on the bench on Saturday?

    It would be too soon to think of playing him from the off, just yet.

    Oliver, I was chatting to someone really interesting on another site recently and he told me that in NY he is able to get all the PL games for $5 a month.

    If that’s correct, I’m going back! :-)

  94. I’d of kicked more than the hoarding Rico…………

  95. ra, not sure if that is true – $5 seems quite low for today’s prices. on the other hand, i’ve no reason to assume this other person is deliberately misleading you.

    yanks lost to toronto again last night. if the jays accomplish nothing else – and they are having a pretty decent season – they are really wearing the yankees out! every great team has a certain team who consistently beats them, and the yanks have really struggled with toronto this year.

  96. WATH,

    If Gallas had stayed I would not have been unhappy, because as you say he wanted to win and he put in some great performances for us.

    Sometimes he was also our best forward and won or saved games for us with late headed goals etc.

    I think TV couls be like that and perhaps Kosser has it in him too.

    Now that Gallas has gone and, of all things, joined the Spuds, I am glad to see the back of him!

  97. Oliver,

    I may have misunderstood the $5 cost. I am a bit dopey sometimes! :-)

    Thanks for mentioning the Yankees latest faux pas, you might have noticed I was keeping schtum! Yes, the Jays have done us no favours this season, or last i seem to remember. :-(

  98. it was the sitting down sulking WATH while the game was still going on… Paddy hated losing but he wouldn’t have behaved like that, he would have got stuck in and motivated the rest of the side….

    and as for cesc being captain, its wrong…

  99. Oh now thats a post coming on me thinks…….. Cesc Captain, It’s wrong…! Hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting. He sat down after the game Rico your memory is going :P

  100. wath and ra, i get your points on gallas wanting to win. i do not agree with others who suggest/imply that he was the only player in the squad with a burning desire to win. the problem is that he was not able to effectively lead – for every important goal (leadership by example) that he scored, he threw a team-mate under the bus, chastized another over some entitlement nonsense, or sulked on the pitch. he compromised himself with his own actions. one of the reasons that the likes of silvestre featured so frequently at the end of last season is because gallas could not stay fit. resigning him – which would have almost certainly had to have come at or near his terms – would not have been a good investment for the money, as recent seasons have shown he cannot complete a full-season. he simply was not worth the trouble…

  101. you sure WATH, not when the penalty was being taken ;) ;)

  102. ra, they will be fine – they only have to play the jays x amount of times this season.

    mets open at home vs florida tonight, your namesake starting. season is pretty much over for us – they are a .500 team, and simply cannot generate any kind of momentum. frankie’s assualt on his father-in-law, the suspension and mlbpa grievance have added another black cloud over the team. ollie perez continues to collect his 12 million salary even though he has not pitched since august 1st. lots of deadweight remains on the team. jerry refuses to keep dwright and beltran away from the heart of the order, and so the team continues to struggle to score runs. the wilpons will not fire (jerry and some of his coaches) or release (ollie, castillo) because they do not want to have to pay anyone off, and we wander along, mired in mediocrity…

  103. :oops: you are right WATH, he just sulked on the half way line while the penalty was being taken ;)

  104. No idea Rico while the pen was being taken I was kicking shit out of the TV….! Oliver, I am not saying all our players don’t wanna win but several are petals and his attitude and captaincy wasn’t what I was saying regarding his will to wina nd the fact he obviously hates to lose. I think he is a good defender but also getting more injury prone and has an attitude so the fact he has left isn’t a problem BUT for me he also wasn’t such an arse as ppl make him out to be.

  105. Don’t disagree with that Oliver.

    Now that WATH feels a post coming on I hope we will see something to get our teeth into from both of you! :-)

    Rico, did you look into the McAfee approval thingy?

  106. wath, perhaps not and like most things, the actual truth is probably somewhere in between our views. i think most of our players do want to win, some need to be shown how to win. i just do not think gallas was the guy to do it.

  107. Top answer WATH :lol:

  108. I agree Oliver he wasnt a leader but the bloke didnt like loosing which would explain his antics but that doesnt mean he is a captain or a leader and quite clearly wasn’t…! Still like the fact he hated to lose and a few more with that attitude would be good instead of the couldnt give a shit look…!.

  109. I didn’t RA, not really sure how to….

  110. I just searched on google RA and it went straight to here….

  111. Oliver,

    I just do not know what to say about the Mets that you have not covered. When I watch them, even when they are ahead, I always feel they will find some way to blow it.

    In the last game, although the commentators did not mention it, I am sure there was some sort of nonsense going on in the Bullpen.

    At the end of the day WATH, we all seem to agree that Gallas having left us it’s goodbye/so long and don’t hurry back.

  112. Can’t disagree with that WATH, i get tired of seeing the look of ‘oh well we lost’ and just walk off like it doesn’t matter, or the same when a goal goes in…

  113. TV don’t like to lose RA and thats clear to see and he has a way of talking to ppl and teammates in a good way it seems if we had a few more like him I’d be well happy…!

  114. wath, it is clear he did not like to lose, i think chelsea and marseille supporters would concur. and there are some that were/perhaps still are in our squad that do not really care. if you are implying that many in our squad don’t care whether we win or lose, i certainly disagree. i think many don’t yet know how to win consistently, but i also don’t think that most of our players are unconcerned with losing.

  115. RA, as 4 a post coming on the only post I’ll be doing is a letter in the post box. . . . Me don’t do posts I leave that to you good ppl….!

  116. Rico,

    I have McAfee, and your site is “greyed out”, instead of having the Green icon.

    I tapped on this and it brought me to McAfee site advisor.

    I have signed on and given a positive response to HH, but it will be scanned by McAfee until it is happy you are not sending out spam, trojans and whatever.

    If you Google McAfee site advisor, I think you can input data as the site owner.

    You know my IT knowledge is v. limited so I am not the best person to help here.

  117. Oliver, body language is tell tale and there are more than a couple who look like they don’t care and they are the ones who are a problem. Winning is a habit and a mentality and far to many don’t have the steel yet and it will take a lot to install that. Fingers crossed one or two more fighters will give them that edge and the mentality to fight never give up and to win…!

  118. WATH,

    I understand. :-)

    Actually, your posts are the sum of your comments and your expressed opinions and reactions to all Arsenal matters.

    That’s good enough for me! :-)

  119. RA, I take it thats the to the point and straight forward bit then lol :-)

  120. Thanks RA, I am with Macafffeeeeee so i will take a peep

  121. arshavin perhaps come to mind. i would add denilson in the man united game, and diaby on games he has gone missing. for the latter two – or at least diaby, i would infer not that he does not care about winning, but that he is not yet mature enough to focus and apply himself for a full 90 minutes. hopefully this will improve with more experience and a strong captain. the core of this group has basically won nothing at arsenal, so it is not surprising they do not know how to win.

    i would also suggest that arsene is over-protective (publicly) of the players, and this can lead to a lack of accountability.

    body language and nuances can be interpreted in many different ways. where you see indifference to the team’s performance and results, i see acceptance that things are not working right, not knowing what to do to get “over the hump”. at least we agree that something needs to be corrected.

  122. Oliver,

    I don’t think any of our players are so shallow as not to care, so I agree with you in that.

    WATH’s view that there needs to be more demonstrative leadership by example is central to team unity and establishing a win at all costs ethic.

    In the last couple of seasons I don’t think we had that. Maybe TV, Kosser and Squidgy will change that.

    look at John Terry or any number of Manure players, they exhort others in their teams to do better, to concentrate, to go the extra mile. And it works! We need that too. Tony Adams where are you? :-)

  123. ra, cesc could have been on his way there, after his performance at the brittania, and the first leg against barcelona. he has now compromised himself as well, and while i do not think he will be a dressing room problem, i think some players may not instictively follow the lead of someone they may feel is not in it for the “long haul” – as you can see, my thinking on this has evolved.

    rvp and tv are the obvious candidates, i would like to see song also appointed as a deputy captain. he may not be loud and vocal, but he is home-grown, has improved considerably, and i think he has great leadership potential.

  124. RVP can be a bit temperamental but he certainly has all the attributes you wuld need.

    TV would be my choice as captain, hard as nails and you would not want to fall out with him!

    Cesc will have lost the moral high ground after this summer. Pity.

  125. TV for me Oliver………….. The man is hard as iron and leads by example….! Has a presence as well.
    Hear what your saying re Song…. Not a bad call.

  126. Oliver, Wath, Rico,

    Have got to get back to some work, but will be around later of you are too. Hopefully the rest of the gang will show up as well. :-)

  127. we are all set to be disappointed. al is getting the armband as first-choice skipper!

  128. Oliver………….. Go wash your mouth out right this second…!

  129. hahahahaha. it’s not like he has not worn the armband before? it’s just possible…

  130. In all honesty Oliver it’s an insult for me that the waiter is captain it’s a complete joke…!

  131. and that is a problem for me too. when has al ever shown any leadership? what value does making the goalkeeper captain give the team? should it not be someone closer up the pitch, closer to the action?

    i think we have a great opportunity to groom a home-grown captain with song, and we should not waste the opportunity.

  132. Not only everything you’ve said Oliver but de-values the Captains armband when such a clown is given the honour…! It’s an honour to be Arsenal captain and is an insult Wengers especially when there are far more deserving playes who would deserve to wear the armband gives him the armband

  133. Almunia – Captain, the two just don’t go together, just like me, domains, wordpress etc etc….

    i need to lay down now with a migrane ;)

  134. unfortunately, i do not think arsene sees the captaincy the same as we do – as his “eleven captains” comment suggests. i think our team has definitely suffered for it.

  135. it all went wrong when Henry was given the armband imho…

  136. Ah pissed again are you Rico……………. Any excuse to lay down…!

    Spot on Oliver, A captain is THE leader on the pitch adn the one who you all follow into battle I wouldn’t follow the waiter into pizza hut…!

  137. I wish I was WATH, might make all this wordpress stuff a tad more clear…. :(

  138. agreed – th14 was not a good captain. that was the correct time to give the armband to gilberto. two seasons later it was not realistic, as he had lost his first-team place to flamini. but post-vieira is when gilberto should have been appointed captain.

  139. Hate all this agreeing with you Oliver but spot on again TH wasn’t a captains arse……. It should of been Gilberto for sure.

  140. Boo! Hello, all.

    rico, I am just relieved we’re getting someone to replace those who left. Anyone would be a vast improvement over Silvestre. ;) He does look promising.

    oliver, I was looking for you just yesterday! :) Kamusta?

    Hola, WATH. Howdy?

  141. AGAG how u sexy…? All good i hope, Did you manage to sleep last night..?

  142. No she was v. restless WATH. ;)

  143. Hi agag, Squilli will be far better than that idiot Tweety Pie :) :)

    Still one more CH and a keeper and we’re ready to win something :)

  144. Rico,

    just back for a minute.

    My laptop now seems to be AOK so can you check your email for me?

    Hi Agag, that WATH is soooo naughty! :-)

  145. No, WATH. :( Had to take the call because I’m nice and all that and it wouldn’t end and I was late for work and I was so busy answering mails my coffee grew cold before I had even taken a sip. Oh, and I had a bad hair day too. Haha.

    But Beloved Club signed someone, it seems, so life isn’t all that bad. :)

  146. rico, Silvestre scored an own goal on only his what? Second start for the club? Fenerbahce, was it? Pffft. Even I would be better than peanut head.

  147. agag, he was dire wasn’t he, slow, short, too casual and i used to cringe when his name was on the team sheet, in fact more than i used to cringe when Cygan was playing :)

  148. RA – i checked and have got your email, were you too tired to write anything in it, love the smiley though ;)

  149. RA, you’re the one being naughty, methinks. ;)

    lol, rico. Everytime he came in, you could see a visible deflation in the Arsenal crowd. Silvestre playing was always an exercise in patience…

  150. hiya agag. seems we are signing squidward q. tentacles after all.

  151. patience agag, more like having to control one’s inner violent streak ;)

  152. Shame that you didnt sleep well AGAG and as for the bad hair day I can sympathise :-)

  153. Howdy STV, how is your day??

  154. rico, haha. You are spot on… I was thinking along those lines actually. :D

    oliver, it would cheer me up immensely if we sign Maarten Patrick Star-kelenburg. :) :)

    Hey, STV. No exams?

  155. Who started this Howdy greeting, i love it :)

    A safe way to address all of our global bloggers without worrying about time zones :)

  156. agag, only coz you think he’s cute ;) ;)

  157. he can replace gary (snail) in goal!

  158. Rico,

    How come Oliver has got a snazzy (I’m off to a party) lobster avatar, and I’ve got some moth eaten bug?

    Mind you Agag has got some wonky green kettle so maybe I should thank my lucky stars! :-)

  159. rico, actually, it’s Affelay I find cutest in the Dutch team. Haha. I should stop. I sound so frivolous. Back to footie… but Robin is just really good-looking. Oh, I give up. That’s part and parcel of why football in general, and Arsenal in particular is so eminently viewable. :)

    Meow! oliver, too much Nickelodeon for us, I think.

  160. Rico,


  161. Luck of the draw RA, however, if you get yourself a wordpress account you can choose your own picture (avatar), if your quick you could have Almunia for a few days ;)

  162. Talking of which agag, do you think there’s a chance we may yet get VDV ;) ;)

  163. Just thought i’d drop this one in…..

    Come on Young Boys :)

  164. Hey rico, how U doing.. hello agag/ RA.
    busy day .. final prep for seminar tomorrow.
    Sorry I did’nt read post well today, but that bloody allen Hansen is a thick one any way.

  165. RA, the avatars are fun. And the wonky green kettle has a cocktail toothpick stuck on its head. Haha.

    rico, we just might. I don’t think he’ll want to be on the bench too much for Madrid. And he links up well with Robin. I’d worship the ground AW walked on if we sign VDW too. (I am recasting Arsenal via the Dutch.)

    Then we’d hate internationals altogether cause too many of ours would be going.

  166. No worries STV, the fact that you are is is all that matters :)

    Good luck for tomorrow…

  167. High STV,

    Keep your head down and focus on your prep. Like Erick it will pay big dividends for you in time.

    You are right, Hansen is a prat! :-(

  168. i was wondering what that thing by my name is…

  169. I’d rather a side full of Dutch than French agag ;)

  170. WATH, I’m surprised you commiserate. Don’t the advance in years have bald pates? Ha. Kidding!

  171. CL draw on Thusrday, wonder if Spuddies will be in the pot :)

  172. Agag, if that is a toothpick stuck on its head, I am worried there may be a gender thing going on elsewhere.

    The wonky green Kettle either has a tail or a non lady part, depending on which way it’s facing. :-)

    Rico, I came back for a minute to speak to you and I’ve stayed for an hour.

    My schedules are calling to me. Boo! Still, should all be done for a while, after tomorrow! :-)

  173. STV, good luck. Go ace that thing! And Hansen knows nothing. There’s just no pleasing some people.

    rico, I’m with you on the Dutch. Elia was great in his cameos in the last WC. A very exciting talent.

  174. Good RA, we can be very distracting here on HH ;)

  175. We will find the next Dennis Bergkamp, maybe by the time we do, Dennis Bergkamp will be our Manager :)

  176. RA, I’d really rather just a wonky green kettle. But you do have a progressive imagination. :)

    rico, I went through the comments, and I’m sorry to hear about the migraine. I’m off soon.

    But before that, I’m afraid that while there are a dozen new Peles, new Maradonas, new Cruyffs there’s only one DB10… :(

  177. agag, i was kidding, no migrane, just naffed off with wordpress :( :(

  178. There will indeed only ever be one DB agag and weren’t we lucky to see hi in the red and white of Arsenal…

    Lovely man, great player who still loves us…. :)

  179. Hi rsd, no news, squilli still not confirmed which amazes me…

    some think its going to be a double signing announcement ;)

  180. Haha, I always have Excedrin with me cause of migraine attacks. I wish I could help but I’m the farthest thing from techie. I have a basic camera and I went for months using the viewfinder cause I thought the lcd screen wasn’t working; my friend presses a button, and voilà! the screen was fine. Hopeless!

    And we’ll always love our non-flying Dutchman. :)

    I am def off now. Phone’s ringing again. I’m ignoring it this time. :) :)

  181. International Clearance apparently according to the insiders on twitter

  182. :lol: agag

    You take care and sleep well, don’t dream of any phones ringing ;)

  183. what does that mean rsd?

  184. what international clearance

  185. yep, he shouldn’t need a visa/permit or anything?

  186. but the fa have to register him and it a hold up on their end

  187. ah, i see, i can be so thick sometimes rsd ;)

  188. international clearance you still have to get even if you move from wales to england

  189. how you liking wordpress then?

  190. rsd, i hate it, i can’t get a domain to say Highbury House it keeps rejecting me….. should have gone with google :(

  191. i didn’t know that about the clearance…

  192. Right fine folk, dinner to cook and eat…

    Nighty night all, see you all tomorrow…

    Stay safe :)

  193. Morning peeps

    New Post up

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