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Arsenal: Two days post Blackpool and I’m still smiling!

Wow! What a start to the home games programme. The opening game has been analysed by many others but it is still worth looking at the game again and the events surrounding it.

After last weekend, Ian Holloway was on cloud nine having just beaten Wigan by 4 goals to nil. He is an ebullient manager but recognised that his team and himself as a manager still had rough edges.

So much so that he has tried to set up a visit to watch Arsene train the gunners at London Colney. He acknowledged Arsene as a genius from whom he could only learn to improve his own managerial skills.
So full of enthusiasm and great hope after their astonishing opening day victory Holloway and his team arrived at the Emirates.

Lesson 1 was about to begin.

Neither he, nor the Blackpool players, can ever have come up against a team like Arsenal so full of consummate professional athletes with matching football skills. Theo has pace like few others outside of athletics, with the ability to run 100 metres in just under 11 seconds. Nasri, Rosicky, Fabregas, Wilshire, Diaby have sublime skills that the willing Blackpool players will never have encountered in games at Championship level.

During the game Theo dazzled us, not just with his pace, but also with his mature and considered passing, shooting and crossing. Why has he hidden this from us for so long? Long may this new mature Theo reign!
Tomas Rosicky came out of his shell and scintillated like the player of old. AA rediscovered his zest as did Diaby. Chamahk fought bravely throughout the game without quite looking the part, until near the end he paid Arsene back by scoring the first of the headed goals he had been bought for.

In fairness to Blackpool they tried their best and had one or two memorable attacking opportunities. Their defence creaked and groaned under the constant barrage from Arsenal, with Theo running Crainey ragged and the beautiful crisp football of Arsenal destroying their strategic formation.

The red card and penalty conceded by Evatt fatally undermined any hopes they may have had in keeping the score to a respectable level. The stupid rule requiring the “last” player, committing a foul and preventing a scoring opportunity, to be sent off, as well as conceding a penalty was very harsh. At that stage, it was possible that Blackpool would face a double digit scoring humiliation.

In the end, Arsenal contented themselves with what amounted to a training ground exercise, and stopped at six.

Probably with a view to next week’s game, Cesc came on to an outpouring of adulation and forgiveness. He was followed by RVP and Vela who came on to get some much needed “game time” and to add to our overall excitement.

A very satisfactory afternoon eventually drew to a close. What Bliss!

We are the Mighty Arsenal! Feel the power!

Written by Red Arse

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128 comments on “Arsenal: Two days post Blackpool and I’m still smiling!

  1. Morning all

    Looks like Squillaci is coming to the big city for a medical then off to Highbury House to sign his contract :)

    Come on Arsene, just one more CH and a better goalkeeper and all will be just fine….

  2. Morning Rico,

    I am sure the Squillaci tfr is now a done deal.

    I don’t think there will be anymore outfield players bought but Schwarzer is in the bag if he passes his medical!

  3. Morning RA,

    Nice write up on the game, thank you – did you see that Wenger has said the Theo is now ready to take the Henry role as a striker, something we have been crying out for for a while… Could be the making of him?

    Squillaci is here in London, fingers crossed he hasn’t got knocked knees ;)

  4. Good morning you two…………… ;-)

  5. Rico,

    I have to take back a bit of what I said about Theo, the first green shoots of spring, at last.

    Embarrassingly, I have another article on Arsenal Arsenal this morning, so I will be boo’d on two different sites.

    Hi WATH, good to see you on the famous Rico site. She is a little genius :-)

  6. Nice post RA,

    All looks positive this morning…

    Did you read Jim Holden’s piece in the MOS?

    One of the few tabloid commentators whose opinions are always valid and worth a read.

    Everywhere is good news… but let’s celebrate properly after next Saturday.

    Something tells me that, after the Theo speed show this weekend, the pitch at Blackburn is gonna need to be swept with native beaters and elephant guns before kick-off. :)

    Have a good one

  7. Morning WATH, what do you reckon on the Squillaci deal, good signing??

    Wish Wenger would sign a player called Smith or similar, then I could spell it ;)

  8. RA,

    Theo had a great game, but many won’t get off his back untul he performs like that for in a few more games, if he does we are sure going to have a strong forwrd line once Chamakh settles…

    I still think he will get another outfield player..

  9. Hi Mike,

    Come away from BB with three points and we can really start to have some faith…

  10. I think MikeB could be right. The ground will look like an unploughed pasture!

    I am not sure what article MikeB was referring to, but I saw on the net version a report by Patrick Collins ridiculing the call for an English manager for England.

    It was v. interesting, he was not against the principle, just the mechanics. Look at the English managers in the PL, and Big Sam, who’s mob we face on Saturday, and ‘Arry head a small bunch of no hopers.

  11. Rico, If this squillaci is half decent it’s gonna help the numbers game and gives us more cover and that’s what we crying out for, can he be any worse than Silvester…????? Must say little surprised AW spending 5million on a 30yr old though………. Could he not spend 10/12million on a 24 yr old..?

    As RA says now for the keeper problem to be resolved.

  12. Morning Rico,

    Nice to see that the Rico charisma has managed to rally the old guard… nice going

    As for Blackburn… it couldn’t come at a more opportune time for assessing the grit to go with the already displayed technical skills.

  13. RA,
    The Jim Holden article looked primarily at the AW new contract and the Fanshare scheme… all highly positive, but then he’s always been an Arsenal fan.

    He also talked about the World Cup and said that, up and down the press tents, the only time everybody shut-up and stopped jostling was whenever AW walked in… the guy’s a big fan.

  14. Rumours were about yesterday that the Aussie had failed a medical…

    I guess he wanted an old head in the defence WATH, an organiser, a loud mouth who can sort the unit out, thats what we need and maybe Squlli has that attitude about him…

  15. Thanks Mike, its like the return of the Simpsons :) :)

  16. or should that be The Royal Family……

  17. Rico,
    My ARSEnal! :)

  18. :lol: Mike,

    Is the header better folks???

  19. Rico,

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but the heads have been cut off my Header. :-)

    Is it intentional, or am I being a bit thick? —- Don’t answer the latter part. :-)

  20. Intentional RA, even I wouldn’t make that kind of mistake and I know I am bad ;) ;)

  21. Hi WATH,

    I kinda get the feeling that these two, hopefully, new signings are to tide us over the next two to three years.

    I think Wenger has seen what’s coming through the pipeline and sees the future looking bright.

    If he went to a mid-twenties defender and even Given, who has around six or so years left, it would be expensive and cause problems with the new breed becoming impatient in a couple of years or so.

    Financially responsible and perceptive… we’ve come to expect nothing less from him.

  22. MikeB,

    No, I had not seen that article, but arsene is someone all the hacks admire, so I am not at all surprised.

    Rico, I have just chatted with KT-7 on Arsenal Arsenal, I haven’t seen him around for a long time, and he is as interesting as ever,

  23. I wish he’d go and spend £5M on a goalkeeper….

  24. RA,
    You’re lucky our superstars are all so vertically challenged; otherwise you could have ended up with only the shorts and socks :lol:

  25. Rico………….. the header is in yellllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooow and not red n white :P

    TV organises Rico so surprising for me he’s spending that much on a 30yr old, i def don’t have a problem if he’s decent and if he in the french squad he gotta be half good so fingers crossed he’s the first of a few signings this week :-)

    RA you thick…………..? saying nowt lol

  26. Agree MikeB, yes totally see the tide us over signings…….! Think we all think AW wants Chezny as number 1 and rates him that good. As for the centre half’s I would still like one more commanding centre back Mike and I think that would make a huge difference to us. Again body language from Sat was the waiter really isn’t a happy lad…! The keeper situation will also put confidence back into the defence if all of a sudden they think the keeper can command the box and take crosses and manage with hoof ball into our box.

  27. Hey RSD, how you doing, good you found us :)

    I’m happy with the Squilli signing to, he a big lump, just what we need WATH ;)

  28. I love the yellow – everyone uses the red and white :) :)

  29. Almunia will be gone by the close of the window, I am sure… Sad, but he just isn’t good enough, i’d go with Chesney as no2, play him in the CC and even some of the FA Cup games, depending on the oppo :)

  30. WATH.
    that was my only concern from Saturday… why put our best DM in to CB and leave a recognised CB on the bench for the entire 90? Match fitness maybe explains the first half, maybe the first hour, but not the entire 90.

    I absolutely agree about the psychology that a new and imposing GK will give… it should percolate all the way through the team.

  31. You are right guys.

    A new face in goal, even if not the most gifted, would shift the whole focus of the team.

    The placebo affect really does work. Give someone a sweetie and tell them it’s the new superdooper cure all and they will feel better immediately.

    Sorry Big Al, you gotta go!

  32. Howdy good people as always nice post RA can’t be here for long friends Exams

  33. Rico,

    On colours, WATH and I agree, :-) but you told Erick and me to sling our hooks. Women eh?

    MikeB was right too, we could have had a bunch of willies hanging around up there, if they had been a tad taller! :-) Women eh? ;)

  34. Hi Erick,

    Kufanya vizuri katika mitihani yako, rafiki yangu! :-)

  35. RA,
    Just count yourself lucky Rico’s not bringing in the new signings… we could finish up with two from Norwich :lol:

  36. I was thinking that 2 Mike, why Song at CB when JD was on the bench but think you’ve answered that one in that AW was bothered about JD being such a petal and actually lasting the game ?? I think we could be in for a very interesting week of comings and goings…! Fingers crossed its players that will do the job for us even if they not household names…!

  37. i do like the away an’all right have to go see you soon

  38. RA, Rico won’t tell me to sling my hoof she’s normally not as polite to me :D

  39. Good luck with the exams Erick, RSD how’s you fella..?

  40. :lol: Mike …

    Hi Erick, all the best in the exams today…

  41. Oi, stop picking on me you lot ;)

    Come back soon rsd, tata for now

  42. How long does a medical take???

  43. Rico,

    Picking on you is such fun! ;)

  44. Thanks guys am going to try my best not to let you down Wath I may need the GG if the going gets tough Rico any colour will do for me the content is what that matters

  45. :lol: RA

    Bless you Erick, I have added an extra widget, just for you, its the last one on the sidebar :)

  46. Rico,

    re your 11:23; how long would you like? :-)

  47. So how do you get this on Newsnow Rico…?

  48. WATH,

    She told me she usually fluuters her eye lashes and shows a bit of ankle. :-)

  49. Rico, WATH,

    Got to disappear for a couple of hours.


  50. Don’t believe a word of it RA she’s telling you porkies mate…………

  51. RA, just quicker than Squilli’s is taking…. :)

    Have to email newsnow WATH on their contact sheet… :(

  52. Ok well get on with it then chop chop………….. :P

  53. I am trying, but I don’t understand the computer jargon it asks for :( :(

  54. Carrot cruncher…………. ;-)

  55. Oooooooooooooooooooooo Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  56. Told ya…………… lol……! Medical takes a few hours Rico…! Should be announced next hour or so I reckon.

  57. Good WATH, then he can get on to sorting the keeper situation out, then another CH and then M. Diarra from Madrid, bobs your uncle ….. ;)

  58. He’s always injured Rico, although depending on what we would pay for him also a stop gap signing that might pay off…?!?!?! who know’s….. reading Arsene’s mind is prob easier to pick the lottery numbers

  59. I think he’d be a great stop gap WATH, i would have got Appiah too when he was free, Song needs backup and i just hope he doesn’t get injured especially now that Ping Pong is out… :(

  60. Squilly the new Willy has passed his medical….

  61. Rico,

    I’m pleased that he has passed his medical. I suspect he will be the Sylvestre replacement as WATH says.

    As regards your earlier comment, Squilli is only about 6’1″ tall, so not the big lump we have been crying out for.

    Four CB’s of which three are relative midgets, and the other one is Djourou. On size issues I do not understand the Prof.

  62. No I know RA, I saw he’s only 6’1″, but if he has the spring that TV has, then he is 6’6″ :) :)

    Oh, I’d probably pass a medical an Arsenal, and I’m crocked ;)

  63. Boo!

    Hola, rico. Howdy?

    RA, the optimism in your post is infectious. :) I’ll wait to see more from Theo; was glad to see Little Mozart pulling the strings with such ease; was impressed by Wilshere’s discipline; and thought Chamakha unfortunate not to have netted more. RvP will get there (no more injuries, please), and Cesc? That boy should count his blessings. :)

  64. AGAG, Cesc got an amazing reception……… warming up and then eventually when he came on…….. The good thing is if the fans turn on him makes it easier 4 them pant stainers to come get him on the cheap as the excuse will be he is in a position where he cant possibly carry on as the fans hate him…. Not now so best they stump up proper money if they want him eh…! Not this season at least ;-)

  65. Howdy agag, i thought tomas was outstanding too, like you said yesterday, but for theo getting a hat-trick, he would have been MOTM :)

    Chamakh will be fine, he does need time to settle and no doubt had RVP and Nik both been fit he would have had a more gentle introduction to the EPL…

  66. Hi Agag,

    Bright and cheerful as ever. :-)

    You are quite right WATH, we should not give them any excuses. I was not there, but Cesc’s appearance and rapt applause was shown widely on Sky Sports and Sky News. :-)

  67. Boo, WATH! I meant exactly that. He came on to such a resounding reception; he should consider himself fortunate he’s at a club where he is positively adored. (I for one…) ;)

    Still hate the stains. I turn the telly off if there’s so much as a snippet on Barcelona… And there invariably is. :(

  68. Yip Yipee

    Wenger eyes defensive deals
    Ciani & Juan on Wenger’s radar
    Last updated: 23rd August 2010

    Wenger: Still searching for signings

    ..Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is eyeing more defensive reinforcements despite the imminent arrival of Sebastien Squillaci.

    Squillaci is expected to join Arsenal later this week after Sevilla accepted an offer for the Frenchman’s services.

    Squillaci is due to have a medical with Arsenal as he looks to secure his switch to Emirates Stadium.

    Wenger has been on the hunt for new central defenders all summer and he is still in the market for more additions even if he lands Squillaci.

    Arsenal lost William Gallas, Sol Campbell, Mikael Silvestre and Philippe Senderos and Wenger believes further new arrivals are needed.

    Roma’s Brazilian defender Juan and with Bordeaux’s Michael Ciani are both believed to be on Wenger’s radar as he considers bringing in another defender before the close of the transfer window.

  69. Chamakh has been great so far, rico. I was excited that we brought on three proper strikers. Vela will grow in confidence the more he plays. As for Rosicknote, I’m pleased to see he’s back.

    RA, I really should see Cesc play live before the stains prevail upon his better judgment. :)

  70. Agag,

    Great! Let us know when you are coming over and I will get WATH to distract your better half with some GG, while I whizz you around on a tour of London, finishing at the Emirates.

    Don’t let WATH know just yet, I will have to charm him first with a new frou frou. ;)

  71. agag, its rare for wenger to play three strikers, but i guess he did that as the game was over…

    i look forward to him doing the same when its 0-0 away at wigan, and not bring on Denilson for RvP ;) ;)

  72. I don’t suppose Squlli will play this week end, but is it possible he will play DJ instead of Kosser for extra height?

    Hoe about DJ and Kosser at the back and TV in midfield. Now that would be a stong team with Chamakh and Diaby falling back in defence at Blackbum corners etc.

    Steady on RA, it won’t happen, far too sensible!

  73. Rico,

    Where did you see your Yippe info.

    You are not raising my hopes are you? :-)

  74. RA, you have similar thoughts as me about TV, its ready in my post for tomorrow :)

  75. OOps sorry Rico dico. :-)

    Just seen Yippee on Sky, although Wenger, in his after match interview, said he thought one more (Squilli) would be enough.

  76. Rico, I have got to go soon, but just to say, the site is looking really professional! Well done. :-)

    How are “hits” calculated. Are they the number of times the site is visited for a read, or is it when people like us comment on the blog?

    Are hits important vis a viz NewsNow?

  77. Not London-ing anytime soon, RA. :( Got all my trips planned out for this year and next. I have a flight booked August 2011. How’s that for planning? Oh you and some new frou frous are terrifying actually.

    rico, I wish oliver were here. He’d find signing Squidward funny. I wish we play as well v. Blackburn.

  78. Thanks RA :)

    I’m not sure how the hits are calculated, i guess its just when anyone looks at the site…

    HH is now on Arsenal News and Top 100 footie (as widget) but getting on newsnow can take yonks :(

  79. rico, before my laptop acts up again, I love the header. :)

  80. agag, i have been pulling my hair out about how to track oliver down and rose :( :(

  81. Thanks agag, its staying now… :)

  82. And the Euro football expert, rico, don’t forget. I haven’t spoken to any of them in aaages. :(

  83. KTR7 has been around agag, i have emailed him…

    oliver i know goes on other sites so i am going to try and track him down, rose, i can’t think other than asking AR…

  84. I spoke to KT-7 on Arsenal Arsenal today.

  85. Where did you get that gossip Rico on those other two centre halves..?

  86. RA – I know ;) ;)

    Its on Sky WATH, I think we are all in for a few surprises before the window shuts, long overdue too…

    Mash is out of the dipper game, now there’s player who be welcome at arsenal….

  87. Oh it’s on sky…………… Must be true then :P

  88. Bollox, Mash is off to Barca for £12M

  89. Good night, rico and RA. My phone’s ringing, and I have to pretend I’m asleep. :D

  90. Nighty Night agag, sleep well :)

  91. Nite AGAG…….. ;-)

    Answer the fone it’s me to not sing you a lullabye lol

  92. Tattie bye Rico, Agag, WATH,

    See you all tomorrow? :-)

    Every thing feels right now that WATH is back! N’est-ce pas? He can keep you in order Rico! Chances? Fat! ;)

  93. Its that time of night for me too, dinner to cook and all that jazz…..

    You all stay safe and see you tomorrow….

    Nighty Night all…..

  94. I’m back already.

    Apparently, Wengie is saying about looking for other CB’s because Seville are being difficult about Squidgy’s fee.

    All is not yet done in that respect.

    Nitey Nite. :-)

  95. Ok night all I’ll sit here n drink alone then……..

    See ya all 2moro

  96. Fees agreed RA, its on Sevilles website…

  97. so this is where everyone is hiding now?

  98. Ah, RA, I have been peeping around and now i know why you made your last comment ;) :)

  99. Interestingly……..

    Squilli is no longer listed on the Seville FC site as one of their players….

  100. oliver :) :) :)

    How did you find us??

    I saw you went on LA site so in desperation to find you i put my link up :)

  101. rico, i see from your earlier comments that you were looking for me…

  102. good thinking – that is exactly how i found you. i read and occasionally comment on ms hurley’s site and i just saw your post to her, and thought “ah, there she is”. you could also have found me on amazin avenue and metsmesmerizedonline

    now i have to catch up reading. we moved into our new house during the past week. missed the 6-0 and lots more…

  103. for sure i have oliver, i started this site up a couple of days ago and i didn’t have any details for you, but hey, your here now and i’m glad, so will the others be….

    i just hope we get onto newsnow and a few of the other regulars find us too….

  104. i had a good chat with you on LA oliver, but you wouldn’t have know it was me ;) ;)

  105. i’ll keep the link, so i’ll be able to find you, newsnow or not…

    others will come, i am confident of that…

  106. bless you oliver, newsnow can take a while but i hope all will be ok…. we have a good group here, thats the most important :)

  107. really? different name? what about?

  108. i am unsure what you are asking oliver :(

  109. you said you had a good chat with me on lady arse, but that i would not have known it was you at the time? were you using a different name? and was it about goalkeepers or a certain billy gallas?

  110. ah, sorry oliver, how thick am i…..

    i was under a different name and you know i cant remember what we chatted about :(

  111. i was Coco ;)

  112. ah coco…i cannot remember what we discussed, but my guess would have been the merits of certain defenders.

  113. :) oliver, no doubt it was …..

  114. Oliver…………. And they start to return one by one lol….! :-)

  115. coco sounds about right…………. especially discussing clown keepers or defenders ;-)

  116. WATH – you are such a hoot :lol: ;)

  117. Hello all – good to see you all here
    Great to see you’re so well organised Rico – good luck

  118. Yo, 4pigs, header still blurred or have you been on the water…. ;)

  119. Hi STV, how you doing?

  120. hi stv/wath/4pigs, slowly but surely we are trickling in.

  121. we’ll get ther oliver :)

  122. 4P……. you just got in from the offie….???? ;-)
    Seems we getting there Oliver…..!

    ST how’s you fella

  123. Hey Rico stop nicking my comments :P

  124. Right you fine folk, i’m off for the day, see you all tomorrow, be good and stay safe ……

  125. Morning all

    New Post up

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